Not bad

Killing processes with a dedicated app is a very effective way of clearing up frozen programs. Unfortunately, it also makes it dangerous, which is why the developers of Process Killer have decided to use a nuclear symbol as their logo!

Process Killer is a relatively simple app that aims to do the same job as System Manager, but more quickly and efficiently. There is only one main interface - the app lists all the programs running on your system on the left, provides basic technical data about a given process on the right and the option to Kill Process on the top toolbar.

Beyond this, Process Killer has no other configuration options.

There weren't too many troublesome apps on my computer when I tested this, but the programs that I did test were terminated without hesitation.

Process Killer doesn’t provide any warning or specific information about what effect killing a process will have, which is why the developer warns that the app is only for advanced users.

It's a pity then that it doesn't provide some more advanced options, something that advanced users would surely appreciate.

Process Killer is an effective tool, but it's not suitable for beginners and lacks the advanced choices that experienced users would like.

When a program locks up and you can't get rid of it except by rebooting, use this handy little utility to kill it off instead. Recommended for "power users" only since it assumes that the user is knowledgeable and doesn't ask any questions.

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